Namida Wasabi Powder

Namida Wasabi 50gm pottle


100% Japanese Wasabi Extract

Contains NO wheat, animal products, gluten, milk derivatives, dairy products, yeast, corn, starch, nut products, artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.

Nutritional Information (per 100gms)

Energy            109 kcal/456 kj
Protein                           4.8 gm
Fat                                0.63 gm
Carbohydrate Total 23.54 gm
Cholesterol                      0 mg
Sodium                           17 mg
Potassium                   568 mg
Dietary Fibre               7.7 gm

Packed for World Wasabi

Expiry Date & Batch #


This is the only product that I have come across to date that appears to spell out exactly what you are getting for your dollar. There are phone numbers and email contacts on the label. I phoned and left a message. When the people got back to me they told me that the product is 100% Pure Wasabia japonica rhizome that has been freeze dried and then crushed. They also label the product the way they do so that the purchaser can feel confident that they are not getting “faux” wasabi.

The taste of the product is outstanding with the front of the palate heat rush that is the hallmark of True Wasabia japonica, and then the slightly sweet vegetable aftertaste that flows across the tongue. The product is produced in Clean, Green New Zealand and is amazing.

When the producer was asked by yours truly how they could be sure of the purity, they said that they grew, processed and marketed the product themselves – that was how they knew.


Wasabi Content: 100% - score 5/5★★★★★ 
No Artificial colour: None - score 5/5★★★★★ 
No Artificial Flavor: None - score 5/5★★★★★ 
Contains No Horseradish: Does not - score 5/5★★★★★ 
Contains No Additives: Does not - score 5/5★★★★★ 
Contains No Preservatives: Does not - score 5/5★★★★★ 
Overall Wasabiness: Awesome - score 5/5★★★★★ 

Reviewers Recommendation

This product contains only 100% wasabi rhizome. You won’t be able to get any better than this except for possibly high quality fresh wasabi. The problem with fresh wasabi is that it goes off fairly quickly, so this Namida Wasabi Powder with a 2 year shelf life (even more in the freezer) will satisfy most peoples requirements. A 5 Star product – buy it at Enjoy!

There is also a 1Kg vacuum resealable pack available for restaurants and those who love their wasabi. :)

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